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Our Why

Celebrating a decade of Triumph Wealth Management, LLC, we are often asked why
we do what we do. This video is our why!

We are passionate about helping our clients make sound financial decisions and
look forward to serving our clients for many decades to come.

Developing a World Series Team

I’m not a baseball fan, but it was fun to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros in this most recent World Series. The Astros had never won the title before, but were able to pull it out in Game 7. In watching the last few games, I began to learn through the […]


Taxes as an Opportunity

Tax season is right around the corner. Whether you normally do your taxes on your own or have someone do them for you, there is a lot of work that goes into getting everything together. As a business owner, there are expense slips to find, invoices to gather and inventory to be taken. This can […]


The Illusive Retirement Number

Ever wondered at what age you should retire? You and many other people have the same simple question. However, the answer is not so simple. There are various formulas and beliefs about the magical age at which a person should retire and how much they should have saved by that point. The reality is that […]


How much would you pay for a dollar of income?

Written by: Alex Pudlo How much would you pay for a dollar of income?  Most people would prefer to pay less.  Whether it is buying a business, a bond, a CD or just putting money in a savings account, people like to get more for less. How do you feel about higher mortgage rates?  Silly […]


A Dip in the Shark Tank

Have you ever heard of Shark Tank? I’m not talking about diving deep into the ocean to watch sharks lurk about from behind bars. The ABC television show broadcasts business men and women looking to gain investments in their homegrown products and services. In the show, aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to present their ideas […]


Early Bird Gets the Worm

It can be hard to get an early jump on things. Back in school, our teachers would tell us to start researching early so we would have all the information we needed to write a good essay on time. Like a lot of other high schoolers, I didn’t listen to their advice. I could write […]


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