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Business Owners: Early Bird Gets the Worm
11 Oct

Business Owners: Early Bird Gets the Worm

It can be hard to get an early jump on things. Back in school, our teachers would tell us to start researching early so we would have all the information we needed to write a good essay on time.

Most high schoolers don’t listen to that advice. Many could write a decent essay with some research in about a week and still get a good grade. But that was high school.

Today we can’t afford to put off planning and preparing as we could back in school. If we want to reach a specific goal by a certain time, we have to listen to that advice and start early.

This is especially important for business owners.

By the time October rolls around, it’s the tenth month of the year, which means we only have two months to get things together if we want to reach our year-end goals.

Don’t panic! There’s still plenty of time.

The first step to reaching your end goal is to specify what exactly it is you want to be done.

Don’t make the goal vague — outline specific target numbers, duties, and responsible parties. Make your team a well-oiled machine and tell them exactly what you’re looking for and what they should be doing to accomplish it.

A helpful tip for you to reach that end goal is to break it into smaller ones with specified dates on which they should be accomplished. This will make it more manageable and help you stay on track.

These may seem like obvious things, and maybe you’re already doing them, but a reminder always helps. Take a few minutes to sit down and reevaluate all the goals you set back in January, check on their progress, and move toward the end of the year with confidence that everything you wanted to be done will be achieved.

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