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19 Sep

Life Can Be Too Short

Ever had a close call? One where you probably shouldn’t be here today? I had one of those moments this year. Driving down the highway during a rain storm, there was a truck with a trailer and a car ahead of me. We were cruising right along when I notice the trailer starting to slip […]

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10 May

An Entrepreneurs Plan

For any entrepreneur, owning your own business is something you’ve always dreamed of. And to have the opportunity to achieve that goal with your best friend (and in this case, brother) is the cherry on top of the sundae. What you don’t plan for is to watch that sundae melt away on the sidewalk outside […]

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06 Apr

Leading by Example

As a business executive in senior management, you often lead by example. This even includes what happens outside the four walls of your office building. You’re probably on a board for a non-profit, volunteer with your kids activities, and even donate resources to many different causes in your community. Have you ever thought about the […]

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