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19 Sep

Life Can Be Too Short

Ever had a close call? One where you probably shouldn’t be here today? I had one of those moments this year. Driving down the highway during a rain storm, there was a truck with a trailer and a car ahead of me. We were cruising right along when I notice the trailer starting to slip sideways. Then the car start sliding out the other way. Of course, I went next. With little control and a decent amount of speed, I was making my way toward those vehicle and somehow managed to skid right between them. Another couple inches one way or five more miles-per-hour and I might not have been so lucky.
In that moment of not knowing whether or not I’d make it through, there were some serious questions running across my mind: Would my wife be okay? What would my kids do without me there? Would my family be alright?
Those questions were hard to face but reality had to be considered. Coming out of the slide unharmed and gaining traction again, I realized that it didn’t matter if I ever got to use my life insurance or not. I could put money away for years and never see any of it again, but simply having it in place brought me peace of mind. I knew that even if I wouldn’t have made it, my family would have been okay. I’m not sure you can put a value on that.
Since September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, I think if you haven’t already, you should sit down and consider your life insurance policy. Hit on those questions that ran through my head and make sure you’re satisfied with what you have in place. If you’re not, give me a call and we can help make sure you have that peace of mind I mentioned.



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