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Our Process

Let us be your guide. Think of financial planning as climbing a mountain. Without the proper knowledge and guidance it can be a grueling task. With Triumph Wealth Management, you get an experienced guide that helps you pack your bag with all the right supplies and who is with you along the journey to make any adjustments as needed to set you up for success.

We do it right- not over. Most advisors use cookie cutter software that allows them to input numbers and then shoot out a financial plan for a seemingly faceless client. These plans are designed for quick turnaround, not what is truly the most effective financial roadmap for the client. At Triumph Wealth Management, our plans are based on your personalized goals, needs and wants. We create scenarios based on our in depth conversations and personal understanding of your unique individual situation.


We ask the tough questions and gather all appropriate data. We get to know you, your family and your unique personal financial situation and goals. We discuss everything from your income and retirement goals to your current financial strengths and weaknesses. By getting a complete picture of not only your financial life, but of you as a person- we can create a plan just for you.


We diligently clean up your financial “junk drawer”. We look at what you have and why you have it.


We thoroughly review your holdings and determine what makes the most sense moving forward.


We present straight forward strategies that allow you to see how your financial decisions affect you today and in the future based on your financial priorities.


We schedule regular reviews and actively track progress and report results.


Utilizing your preferred decision making process, we help you take action. You can have the team at Triumph Wealth Management implement your plan or go with any financial advisor of your choosing.


We thoroughly review your holdings and determine what makes the most sense moving forward.

That is our process. It’s simple, but it captures and solves complex needs. Many of our clients come to us with a simple need – to honestly understand their financial situation. Our “Life Cycle Approach” is designed to meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go.


If you are ready to take the next step and get financially serious- contact us here to set up a complimentary consultation.