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Utilizing a Football Philosophy

Successful businesses run like Super Bowl teams. That may sound strange but hear me out. I love sports, especially my Minnesota Vikings – SKOL! I love sitting on my couch and watching the kick-off with my family on Sundays. The hype, the crowd, the beer, it all comes together to make a great day. But […]


How Baby Boomer Business Owners Can Save Madison’s Future… and Their Own

Madison business owners and the city share a symbiotic relationship. When one succeeds, the ripple effects of that success is often felt by the other. But that symbiotic relationship can also share negative effects as well. Thankfully, Madison is currently in a good place — at least by pre-pandemic standards. Madison Is Growing The great […]


Prescribing the Right Financial Glasses

If your eyesight was giving you issues, you’d go to a qualified eye doctor, right? Optometrists are the people we rely on most when our vision is blurry. They can evaluate the problem, prescribe the proper lens, and steer us in the right direction of treatment for whatever our situation may be. Most of us […]


Finding Your Financial Victory Lane

Victory Lane is the place where the winning driver of a race goes to celebrate their victory. In your life, it’s where you want to be in the future with your finances as you start that next journey — your new beginning. But how do you get there? Right now, you as the business owner […]


COVID-19 Resources

With the onslaught of new legislation and ever-changing requirements, we want to provide you with a resource page for important information regarding COVID-19. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the resources below, please feel free to contact our office or schedule a brief phone call using our online calendar. > CARES […]


Exit Planning: A Book for All Ages

We all know the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Some books are beaten down from use. Others shine as though they’re brand new. But no matter the shape of the book, inside every cover is a story. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of […]


Passing the Baton

One of the honors that I have is sitting down with business families and helping them work through generation transfer. For example, I was involved in a meeting between a father and son. They were discussing the logistics of passing the baton to the next generation. This was a very important and detailed discussion that […]


Are You a Resolutioner or Achiever?

When January rolls around, many people declare a new year resolution. “I’m going to lose weight!” “I’m going to eat better!” “I’m going to spend more time with my family!” We resolve to change something about ourselves that’s inherently become a part of who we are. But many of these “resolutioners” fall short in their […]


Entrepreneurship Interview Series: Getting the Ball Over the Goal Line

Experience is the best teacher. In this Entrepreneurship Interview Series, we’re going to share stories from your peers about their lessons learned as successful entrepreneurs. Striking out as an entrepreneur with a keen ability to manage risk is what allowed attorney Toby Reynolds, managing partner at Hansen Reynolds, to excel in a risk-averse industry. We […]


My Very Outspoken View on Succession Planning

The buzz, hype, and talking heads concur that businesses should be sold as quickly as you can. To say that I don’t agree is an understatement. This is an expensive mistake and one that can rob you of your retirement as a business owner. Here’s my outspoken view on succession planning. It’s a glorified form […]