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My Very Outspoken View on Succession Planning

To say that I don’t agree is an understatement. The buzz, hype, and talking heads concur that businesses should be sold as quickly as you can. This is an expensive mistake and one that can rob you of your retirement as a business owner. Here’s my outspoken view on succession planning. It’s a glorified form […]


Interview Series: Being All In

Enjoy this inspiring story about courage, challenge, and staying true to yourself in our interview with Shaun Trudell. Shaun is the President of Automation Arts, an AV technologies firm in Madison, Wisconsin. Triumph Wealth: If you could give the “you of 20 years ago” one piece of entrepreneurship advice, what would it be? Trudell: It’s […]


Is It Time?

Will you be able to walk away? When is the right time to take a step back and leave your business? Is it at a certain age? Once you reach a certain level of wealth? Or will you never be fully out? When they decide to leave their business, an owner will fall into one […]