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You’re Fired!

Do you deserve to be fired from your own business? It’s incredible to me that business owners choose to work painstakingly in their businesses for 30 years to accumulate value — often times, at the expense of their health, their personal desires and even their own sanity – and then in the span of 18 […]


Catching Vacation Vibes

My family recently took a spring break vacation together. It was a great time to get away, unplug and relax. While enjoying time on the beach, I noticed several people meeting with sales people from the resort we were staying at. They were selling those infamous vacation timeshares. This was an eye-opening experience for me, […]


Tax Law Changes

The recent tax law changes are on the top of many minds, so Triumph brought in Bruce Berndt of Berndt CPAs to discuss some key updates that all clients should be aware of. Bruce owns and manages a CPA firm in Madison, Wisconsin, providing entrepreneurs with a competitive edge. Below Bruce describes the biggest changes […]