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Finding Your Financial Victory Lane
14 Sep

Finding Your Financial Victory Lane

Victory Lane is the place where the winning driver of a race goes to celebrate their victory. In your life, it’s where you want to be in the future with your finances as you start that next journey — your new beginning. But how do you get there?

Right now, you as the business owner are the “driver” of your company. Your job is to drive the “car” and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. And to do that successfully, you need to have the right team to monitor everything else, giving you information to get you there quickly and safely. That team is your Pit Crew — and Triumph Wealth Management is the Pit Crew Chief. We oversee everything and help direct the rest of the pit crew. To accomplish that successfully, it’s vital that the driver and the pit crew chief have an outstanding and understanding relationship. It all starts there.   

Finding a Crew Chief That Knows and Understands You

You need a crew chief that knows and understands who you are and what you want — not just the metrics of the car (your business and finances). A great crew chief realizes what type of driver they have, understands their style of driving, and embraces that driver’s philosophy. That dynamic relationship is what wins races.

When you choose a financial advisor, it’s not enough for them to know what your business is worth and what assets are available to invest. You need someone that caters your financial plan to you. They need to ask the right questions to discover the direction that should be taken, not the other way around.

  • What type of retirement life do you want to enjoy?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Who, if anyone, is going to take the business over for you?
  • What are you willing — or not willing — to sacrifice in the now for the future ahead?

Find the pit crew chief that is the perfect fit for you, your needs, and your wants — and then let them help you build the pit crew to make it all happen.

Building Your Financial Pit Crew

A driver needs their pit crew to tell them when they’re low on gas, when the tires need changing, and how the race track environment is around them. That support allows the driver to focus on one thing — driving the car.

You need a team that can handle your investments, market analysis, retirement plans, day-to-day business financials, business succession plans, and dozens of other vital elements that you can’t focus on as you run your business.

You want to surround yourself with the perfect crew that best serves your needs, fits your financial philosophy, and understands where you want to go in your career and life. And you need that team to run everything smoothly.

Streamlining the Process

You hate to see it, but sometimes people move on or retire and need to be replaced. At that time, you need to be able to continue functioning seamlessly as you bring new team members in. You accomplish that by creating a successful financial plan process built around a streamlined hierarchy of talented and dedicated individuals working with efficient synchronization between one another.

Having that type of defined process in place is going to make it easier for new members to join your pit crew — your elite financial team.

  • Find your team.
  • Know the dynamics of that team.
  • Make sure that they know and understand your goals.
  • Utilize them to help you make the best plan to achieve those goals.
  • And be prepared in case you need to make changes.

If you have chosen the right crew chief, and they’ve developed the right pit crew to support you and your financial plan, you will feel all the more victorious in the end as you cross that checkered finish line, headed to your own personal and financial victory lane.

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